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We only have a few class rules prior to bringing your best friend to class:

1- one dog per person

2- no treats or food during class

3- All dogs must be on a leash- a hands free leash is suggested but not required 

Doggie N Me Fitness was built in 2014 on a foundation of love and fitness for you and your best friend. We believe in a bonding experience for you and your pup as well as socialization and lots of fun!!!!

Commonly asked Questions:  

Q. I  don't work out, do I need to be in shape to join?

A. Of coarse not! This is what the class is for. You do what you can! Doing one squat is better than none, and it will take time.

Q. My Dog does not get along with other dogs, how will that work

A. All dogs are on leashes so issues are unlikely to arise. This class will help your dog get accustomed to being around other dogs and people, and they eventually join the pack.

Q.  I don't think my dog will cooperate during class and will be disruptive. 

A. It might take some time for your furbaby to adjust, and that's ok. None of our dogs are perfect, and that's what makes this a fun class.