What does your best friend really want? To spend time with you! We believe in a strong bonding experience with your pup, and what better way than exposing them to different activities that will stimulate their mind where they also get to hang out with their favorite hooman!


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Doggie n me fitness is designed as a fun bootcamp workout program for both you and your best furry friend. We focus on core strengthening, cardio fitness, and interval training all while your best furry friend is rooting you on. Our classes are for all levels of fitness where you can go at your own pace. This will not only be a great workout but a great bonding experience for you and your pup. You will expose your pup to socialization as well as obedience activities. 

What are you waiting for??

We believe in the health, welfare, and fitness of both owners and their furbabies.  We have developed a program that promotes fitness activity, bonding, socialization, and fun for both you and your best friend. We know life gets busy and its hard to spend 1-2 hours at the gym and then quality time walking your furbaby, we can get it done all in one hour. 



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